Not another one, I hear you shout. Well, perhaps a little different.

Listen + Watch: My Own Experience

There are lots of different types of fasts out there and I am not going to ramble on about these nor suggest any that I have not tried.

In August 2018, I thought I would experiment with the Water Only Fast and hence I can share with you my “lived experience” of what I did, what I learnt and what I achieved.

I must give credit to Dr Alan Goldhamer for his excellent YouTube Video which gave me a lot of useful information.

This is the full 80-minute talk by Dr. Goldhamer explaining how and why medically-supervised water-only fasting can be so beneficial to your health.

Dr Goldhamer is a world authority on the subject and if there is anyone you should listen to on the “technical aspects” ….watch and learn.

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