Water Only Fast – Dr Alan Goldhamer Interview

After my own experience, in December 2018, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Dr Alan Goldhamer from the True North Health Centre. Dr Goldhamer is a world expert when it comes to “water only fasting”. In this interview, we discuss what exactly “water only...

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How I Lost 3Kg in 3 Days With The Water Only Fast

  Not another one, I hear you shout. Well, perhaps a little different.   Listen + Watch: My Own Experience There are lots of different types of fasts out there and I am not going to ramble on about these nor suggest any that I have not tried. In August...

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Declutter Your Life

  I did a Vlog a while back (on my show Safety Matters) discussing "decluttering" (see below) and in this episode, I want to share with you my top tips to declutter your life and specific aspects. Let’s start with defining decluttering. Look at positive and negative...

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